Sourcepoint Acupuncture | Seattle, Washington

Robert Weinstein L.Ac., E.A.M.P., is passionate about the art of acupuncture and deeply dedicated to the healing and well being of his clients. With 14 years of experience in the field of acupuncture, he has the proven clinical success to help you achieve your highest level of physical and emotional well being.

Sourcepoint Acupuncture is conveniently located in the Eastlake area of Seattle near South Lake Union
2366 Eastlake Ave East, Suite 330
Seattle, WA 98102

What sets Robert apart from other acupuncturists in Seattle?

Your health is his top priority. While many acupuncturists have two or even three rooms going simultaneously, Robert sees ONLY one patient at a time ...

What other common conditions can acupuncture treat successfully?

From allergies and headaches to acid reflux and anxiety, Robert has successfully treated a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions>

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