Fatigue and Exhaustion

Acute and/or chronic Fatigue and Exhaustion are common issues I see in my Seattle Acupuncture clinic. This can be due to stress, overwork or over training in sports and working out. It can be due to lack of sleep or an imbalance on the Adrenal Gland or Thyroid Gland. In some cases a low grade viral infection such as Epstein/Barr Syndrome, or Post Viral malaise may be part of the problem. In Chinese medicine this is often referred to as a Qi or Yang deficiency pattern. Using a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine and Moxabustion therapy (burning sesame seed size amounts of mugwort on specific acupuncture points) to balance the Adrenals and strengthen the Qi and Yang aspect, we can often attain great improvements in energy and physical stamina within 3-5 sessions.

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