Sports Medicine

Acupuncture excels at injury rehabilitation, whether it’s common sprains and strains from weekend warriors to serious injuries and professional athletics, acupuncture can help you recover and get back in the game. Over the past 15 years Robert has successfully treated a wide variety of sports medicine injuries at his Seattle acupuncture clinic. He has had great success with herniated disks, concussions and head trauma, sprained or torn ligaments and tendons as well as broken bones and chronic pain patterns such as Patella Tendonitis ("runner’s knee”) and Plantar Fasciitis. Acupuncture can reduce pain and inflammation, compliment Physical Therapy and significantly speed up rehabilitation time. Robert has a worked with many PT’s and Physicians and can make appropriate referrals when needed for the best possible care. Sourcepoint Acupuncture has been a trusted source for sports medicine acupuncture in Seattle for over 15 years.

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